ShapeShorts™️- High Waist Seamless Slimming Shorts

ShapeShorts™️- High Waist Seamless Slimming Shorts

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Flaunt Your Curves With Any Outfit That You Wear!  

Looking for the perfect body shaper to enhance your waist and butt shape in an instant? Our premium ShapeShorts make body contouring so much more comfy and achievable for the everyday woman.

With its full-length zipper closure and flexible material, the ShapeShorts are extremely easy to wear. It also comes with comfy straps that help lift and compress your body in all the right places.

 why do so many women raving about ShapeShorts?

Comfy Fit - Our ShapeShorts keep the extra fat on your body compressed, enhancing your look and even flattening your belly. Even with its high compression material, the ShapeShorts are still breathable and comfy to wear. 

Seamless Wear - These ShapeShorts have a seamless design and are totally untraceable when you wear them under your clothes. Whether you wear a dress, shirt, or pants, the ShapeShorts has got you covered.  

U-Type Design - The ShapeShorts have an open bust design so that you can comfortably wear any type of bra. This way, you can also wear v-neck tops without exposing the top of the ShapeShorts. 

Flexible Material - Made with highly breathable and flexible material, ShapeShorts focuses on compressing all the right places. This also makes the ShapeShorts easy to wear all on your own.

 Size Guide : 

Size Chart in CM
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 86~92 68~74 90~96
M 92~98 74~80 96~102
L 98~104 80~86 102~108
XL 104~110 86~92 108~114
XXL 110~116 92~98 114~120
3XL 116~122 98~104 120~126

Size Chart in Inches
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 33.5~35.9 25.7~28.1 35.1~37.4
M 35.9~38.2 28.1~30.4 37.4~39.8
L 38.2~40.6 30.4~32.8 39.8~42.1
XL 40.6~42.9 32.8~35.1 42.1~44.5
XXL 42.9~45.2 35.1~37.4 44.5~46.8
3XL 45.2~47.6 37.4~39.8 46.8~49.1

Material: 70% nylon, 30% spandex

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