CozyBit™️- Quick Charge Portable & Rechargeable Hand Warmer

CozyBit™️- Quick Charge Portable & Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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 Game-Changing Warmth & Comfort All Winter Long! 

Looking for a quick and convenient way to keep your hands warm during the unbearable winter cold? Bring out the CozyBit and distribute heat throughout your palms with a single click of a button!

Mitts or gloves can only do so much to protect you from the cold, which is why the CozyBit is your new winter essential. It produces heat on both sides so that you can warm up all your fingertips at the same time!  

 Why is CozyBit a must-have for the winter?

Adjustable Warmth - The CozyBit lets you adjust the temperature level to match your needs. This way, you'll always be happy and satisfied with the warmth that the CozyBit produces.  

Compact Size - Get your hands warm and toasty anywhere and at any time. The CozyBit is so compact that you can store it in your pocket. Bring it out whenever you please!  

Long-lasting battery - Our CozyBit can be charged via a USB cable that you can connect to a plug, powerbank, or laptop. One full charge can yield you more than 10 hours of use! This way, you can keep your hands warm all day! 

Ergonomic Feel - Apart from its outstanding warming feature, the CozyBit is also finished with a smooth and silky surface. Holding onto the CozyBit is both relaxing and comforting at the same time! 

Input/Output: 5V/1
Product material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
Battery capacity: 10000 mA 
Product size: 110*63*33mm
Product weight: 0.185kg
Product color: pink, black
Product charging time: about 4 hours
Product temperature options: 40 degrees, 50 degrees, 60 degrees
Product use time: about 18 hours

Package Included:
CozyBit™️ Hand Warmer * 1
Manual * 1 (in English)
Charging cable * 1
Gift box * 1
Cloth bag * 1

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