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BeamGlow™ Ultra Lightweight Headlamp
BeamGlow™ Ultra Lightweight Headlamp
BeamGlow™ Ultra Lightweight Headlamp
BeamGlow™ Ultra Lightweight Headlamp
BeamGlow™ Ultra Lightweight Headlamp
BeamGlow™ Ultra Lightweight Headlamp
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"A must-have! Comfortable fit, wide-angle illumination, and the wave motion feature make it a game-changer for outdoor adventures. Highly recommend!"

Rich G .
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  • Enhanced Visibility with a wide 270° beam

  • Hands-Free Operation

  • red light function for improved night vision

  • IPX4 Waterproof

  • Convenient USB-C charging 

Unleash Boundless Clarity Wherever You Roam!

&  embrace unparalleled freedom in the dark!

The Only Headlamp You'll Ever Need!

navigate with ease and confidence!

Bid farewell to cumbersome torch lights and embrace unparalleled freedom in the dark!

The BeamGlow™ headlamp offers you the flexibility to engage in any activity hands-free - whether it's walking your dog, handling repairs, taking an evening stroll, exploring new territories, or effortlessly setting up your campsite.

With BeamGlow™, your path is always brightly lit, allowing you to navigate with ease and confidence!

Embark on Endless Adventures with BeamGlow™!

With BeamGlow™, adventure awaits at every turn!

Its innovative 270° light angle casts a seamless band of illumination, eliminating shadows and granting you unparalleled peripheral vision, empowering you to explore without hesitation and revel in complete confidence within your environment.

 Plus, boasting an impressive 8-hour battery life, this headlight guarantees unwavering illumination throughout your extended journeys.

Explore Undetected through any terrain!

The latest iteration of BeamGlow™ introduces the Red Light Mode, engineered to minimize glare and prevent bothersome bugs from encroaching on your space. 

Our red light feature provides ample brightness to light your way, all while ensuring minimal disturbance to the natural habitat around you. With AlphaGlow™, see without being seen, empowering you to move discreetly and confidently through any terrain!

Unrivaled Visibility in the Darkest Environments!

Users hailed the hands-free feature as a game-changer, enabling seamless work without any hassle.

Testimonials confirm this headlight as the ultimate all-in-one companion for every activity

Praised this headlight for empowering them to navigate darkness with expert finesse.

Master Every Task with Ultimate Versatility!

🌀 Flexible and Adjustable: Soft and durable elastic silicon straps ensure a comfortable fit for any head size, and can be securely worn on top of hardhats or helmets.

💡Wide Angle Illumination: High luminosity with minimal power consumption provides extensive illumination coverage, allowing for hands-free exploration in any setting.

🌊 Simple Wave Motion: Motion Sensor Wave mode enables convenient toggling of the headlamp On and Off with a gentle wave of your hand, offering effortless control.

❄️ IPX4 Waterproof Standard: Made of impact-resistant ABS that is IPX4 Weatherproof, making it resistant to various outdoor environments and other extreme weather conditions.

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How does the wave sensor feature of BeamGlow™ work?

The wave sensor integrated into BeamGlow™ enables hands-free operation by allowing you to effortlessly turn the device on and off with a simple wave of your hand, providing unparalleled convenience.

What is the range of the headlamp's illumination?

BeamGlow™ offers a formidable light beam that extends up to 100 meters, ensuring exceptional visibility for all your nighttime activities.

How do I recharge BeamGlow™?

Recharging BeamGlow™ is a breeze with its USB Type-C compatibility. Simply plug in the headlamp for a few hours before embarking on your adventures. Once fully charged, the indicator light on the side will switch from red to green, indicating readiness for your journey.

Package includes:

BeamGlow™ Ultra Lightweight Headlamp x 1

Silicone strap x 1

USB-C Charging cable x 1


LED lamp beads: 3W led 200lm

Touch switch: strong light -> medium light -> long press and fast flashing, sensor switch

Battery type: polymer lithium battery 1200mah

Working voltage: 3.0V-4.5V

Waterproof rating: IPX4

Body material: silicone

Charging time: 3 hours

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