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AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier
AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier
AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier
AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier
AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier
AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier
AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier

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"AeroMyst isn't just a humidifier, it's a health upgrade for our home! With allergens and pollutants under control, we breathe easy and sleep quality in amazing!"

Ava W.
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  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Enhance sleep quality

  • Alleviate dry skin, chapped lips, and sinus problems

  • Create a calming and relaxing atmosphere

  • Keep plants healthy and thriving

improve your sleep quality & REDUCE SNORING, DRY SKIN & DRY HAIR!

Experience a revolution in sleep with AeroMyst™, the ultimate Anti-Gravity Humidifier that transcends traditional solutions. Join over 5,000 satisfied customers who have transformed their nights and mornings!

 Say goodbye to snoring, dry skin, and groggy wake-ups! AeroMyst™ purifies and vaporizes water, enhancing sleep quality and leaving you refreshed every morning!

 With a built-in time display and the soothing sound of running water, it's a sensory delight that accelerates your journey to dreamland!

Improve the air quality and relieve tension!

Breathe easy, live better!

 Elevate your surroundings at home or in the office with precise moisture control, ensuring a comfortable and health-conscious atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the benefits of improved air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues. Embrace the future of wellness with AeroMyst™ – where innovation meets air perfection.

Regulate humidity levels

Say goodbye to dry skin, sore throats and other health issues caused by dry air!

AeroMyst™ takes control, maintaining the perfect humidity levels in your space. But it doesn't stop there – this remarkable device goes above and beyond, enhancing air quality by capturing airborne allergens and pollutants like dust, mold, and pet dander. Experience a breath of fresh, purified air with AeroMyst™, your key to a healthier, more comfortable living environment. Elevate your surroundings, one breath at a time!

Energy efficient!

AeroMyst™ is the eco-friendly choice!

Step into a greener future with AeroMyst™, the epitome of energy-efficient design in an Anti-Gravity Humidifier. Consciously crafted to consume less power than its counterparts, AeroMyst™ is the eco-friendly choice for those committed to energy conservation. Embrace sustainability without compromising performance.

 Make the smart move to a device that not only elevates your living space but also reduces your environmental footprint. AeroMyst™ – where efficiency meets ecology for a harmonious and responsible choice in home technology. Upgrade to a mindful lifestyle today!

creating the perfect ambiance for bedrooms and serene spaces!


Navigate with ease using the touch control panel and enjoy the convenience of a removable water tank for swift refills. Embrace tranquility as AeroMyst™ operates silently, creating the perfect ambiance for bedrooms and serene spaces.

 Elevate your experience with a humidifier that not only cares for your well-being but does so with utmost simplicity and grace. AeroMyst™ – where ease meets efficiency, enhancing every breath you take!

Relax & Refresh

Relax as the AeroMyst™ refreshes and replenishes the air and moisture in home.

Say No To Dry!

Bring life and moisture back into the air with anti-gravitating AeroMyst™.

wellness can be easy!

When paired with essential oils selection you can amplify healing benefits!

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frequently asked questions

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Can the AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier be used with essential oils or fragrances?

Not only does it humidify and purify the air, but it can also be used as a diffuser by adding your favorite essential oils, filling your space with delightful fragrances.

Is the AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier safe to use around children and pets?"

Yes, the AeroMyst™Anti-Gravity Humidifier is safe for use around children and pets. It uses magnets and a water pump to create the visual effect, without any actual danger or risk involved.

How quiet is the AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier during operation?

The AeroMyst™ Anti-Gravity Humidifier is designed to operate quietly, making it suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where minimal noise is desired.

Package includes:

  • 1x AeroMyst™Anti-Gravity Humidifier

  • 1x Instruction manual

  • 1x USB cable

  • 1x 5V2A adapter

Product Specifications:

  • Water tank capacity: 800ml
  • Product fog volume: 100-150ml/H
  • Running time: 8H
  • Product color: white
  • Product specification: 120*220mm

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide and shipping is always FREE! Non-US customers are responsible for customs clearing/duties, and local taxation. International shipments may be subject to customs processing and additional charges, customs policies vary from country to country, therefore you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays in arrival. If you can normally order product from the U.S or China and have it shipped to you, then you can order in the same manner without any problems!

How do I track my order?

Every order comes with a tracking number and can be easily tracked straight from our website That way you can always know your package is safe and on its way to your doorstep. We also offer package insurance for a low cost of $4.99!

I still have not received my order. What is taking so long?

We apologize for the delay. You can however track your order and see where it is at any time. If you feel that you need help tracking your package or want to inquire more about it, please send us an email and a customer support representative will be more than happy to help you out.

What is your refund policy?

We always put our customers first and do our best to resolve any issues that our customers may experience with their online orders. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it, in the original packaging, and must be within 30 calendar days of the delivery date. Please keep the email receipt. For more assistance, please send us an email and a customer support representative will be more than happy to help you out.

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions that are not on this FAQ page, please email us at and a customer support representative will be more than happy to help you out.

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